Each year we receive numerous scholarship requests from aspiring young dancers and their parents but as a small non-profit, we haven’t been able to accommodate every request. In an effort to enhance the inclusivity of our programs, we’ll be launching a Scholarship Fund in Fall 2017.

This reimagining of our scholarship program focuses on need-based scholarships for all of our events and workshops:

Ignite!    |   Fresh Dance Intensive   |   in.the.now

Masterclasses  |  Improv Jams

But we need your help!  Will you support our first-ever Scholarship Fund?  

Make a contribution to the TOES FOR DANCE Scholarship Fund today!

How your donation makes a difference:

  • $10 covers admission for one emerging artist to attend an Improv Jam
  • $30 allows us to offer a full scholarship for a two-hour Masterclass
  • $90 supports a full scholarship to a one day in.the.now workshop
  • $200 covers a half scholarship for one student to attend Fresh Dance Intensive
  • $500 supports a full scholarship for one aspiring professional artist to attend Ignite!

Scholarship applications will be available through our website starting in Fall 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

Dancers who wish to pursue their dance training and require financial assistance to do so will have the opportunity to apply to our Scholarship Fund for support. Our Scholarship Program represents our commitment to make dance accessible, regardless of one’s financial situation or dance experience.

Make a contribution to the inaugural TOES FOR DANCE Scholarship Fund today and help us inspire the next generation through dance!

Every amount is appreciated. We’re grateful for your support!

TOES FOR DANCE gratefully acknowledges these supporters for their contribution to our Scholarship Fund:

Krista Newey, Ingrid Kapteyn, Kenny Pearl, Glen Tam, Clare Carr-Scheurich, Catherine A Lace, John Graham, Lisa Vogel, Heather Hadden, Adam Kuhn, Peggy Baker, Matthew Kariatsumari, Jennifer Kellman, Andrea Morash, Grant Vingoe, Derek Manns, Lisa DelGuidice, Cory Boyd, Marielis Garcia and Susan Colbert-Wright